Notes on the Gameworld

NPC Power Levels

Minor Gods

•None present, Pavis was one before his deification
•Elric would be a fictional equivalent, or Conan at his peak, Elrond,

•High Priestess of the Moon
•Ginkizzie (Mining, Building)
•Fleeter Nim (High Priest of Pavis)
•Jessica Salmonson’s 1000-shrine Warrior, the youthful Conan, Fafhrd & Mouser, most of the Fellowship, Ringwraith

Devotees 1%
•Sor-Eel (leadership, strategy)
•Hetaera (truth, illusion)
•Gavial Latish (knowledge, truth)
•Haloric Goldbrow (sun, leadership, phalanx)
•Brygga the Mayor (being mayor)
•Koli the Portly (being rich)

Leaders 4%
•Timo (clan leader)
•Thysen (Davydd and Stayn’s mom)
•Iniskiss (raising cats, herding cats)
•Goldthumb the Morokanth

Experts 10%
•You guys!

•85% of the people you will meet

On the Goddess

A prayer to the moon godess from Salammbo:

“By the hidden symbols
By the sounding lutes –
By the furrows of the earth –
By the eternal silence
By the eternal fecundity –
Ruler of the dark sea
and the azure shores,
O Queen of all things moist, greetings!

How mightily you spin, borne up by the impalpable ether!
It polishes itself around you,
and it is the movement of your pulsing
which distributes the winds and fertile dews.
As you wax and wane,
so cats’ eyes and panthers’ spots expand and shrink.
Mothers cry your name in the pangs of childbirth!
You swell the seashells!
You make wines ferment!
You make corpses rot!
You form pearls at the bottom of the sea!

And all seeds,
O Goddess,
ferment in the dark depths of your moistness.

When you appear,
stillness sweeps over the earth,
flowers close, the waves die down,
weary men stretch out their breasts towards you,
and the world with its oceans and mountains
sees itself in your face, as though in a mirror.
You are white, gentle, luminous, immaculate, helping, purifying, serene!

But you are a terrible mistress! …

It is through you that monsters are produced
fearsome spectres
lying dreams
your eyes eat up the stones of buildings,
and monkeys are sick every time you are renewed.

What are you doing then?
Why perpetually change your shape?
Just now slim and curving,
you glide through space
like a galley without masts,
or in the middle of your stars
you are like a shepherd
guarding his flock.
around you skim the mountain tops
like a chariot wheel

O Moon Goddess!
You love me don’t you?
I have looked at you for so long!
But no!
You run in the blue of your sky
and I stay motionless upon the earth!"

Notes on the Gameworld

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